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Welcome 2019 from

May 2019 become all that you dream…

Happy New Year To All…

I’ll look forward to seeing you there…


My web hosting is courtesy of:


Complete IT Solutions…

Please allow me to introduce you to

“My Hero”

Anders Eriksson

a photo - Anders updated photo


is part of the Datorsam Network

(created in 2005)

Owned and operated by

Anders Eriksson…

Best web host around…

Anders always goes the extra mile…

Check out his sites…  He has a lot to offer!!!


Jim Caldwell

Jim Caldwell,

my friend, gave me permission
to use some of his incredible
photographs for my website…

Jim arranges photography workshops all over the world teaching others
how to shoot some of the most gorgeous scenes you’ll ever see. 

He’s even done some work for Outdoor Photographer,
Audubon Magazine,
National Geographic…

This is Jamesfc’s Main Site:

Elusive Image

Now welcome to
Elusive Image Photography Podcast

for all travel and nature photographers:


From My Friend Dave Clark aka Microdac

Microdac Nature Moments in 4K:

The Power of Kind Words

from Microdac on Vimeo



 I’d like to dedicate this next video

to these three special friends,

Anders Eriksson, Jim Caldwell & 

Dave Clark (Microdac)

whose help and inspiration have made

my websites so easy on the eyes…


This absolutely wouldn’t be complete if I didn’t mention my very best friend in the entire world, 

GTO, aka Ebony who was always there for me during the worst time in my life…

He helped me to survive & thrive

until I got to the other side…

A very special thanks to you, GTO…


Since we all have very busy schedules,

 I have a very simple & sincere way

to convey my appreciation to my friends.

Please click on the video:

Music by Leslie Butler

Photography by Microdac

aka: Dave Clark


I’d like to share this with all of my friends

who have ever encouraged me because

my website & blog have become my passion…

Thank you all from the very bottom of my heart…


Let’s make it an awesome year from

my little corner of the world to yours…

a graphic - animated_globeLinda Michel White

Happy Networker, Senior Blogger &

Mentor In Training

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