Seniorisms: Decisions, Decisions! Published

April 19th, 2018

I’m prioritizing my venues to be more in line with my good health & marketing objectives…

  1. Linda Michel White aka LMW
  2. IBOToolbox
  3. IBOSocial
  4. CTFO
  5. ProsperityCentral

These 5 programs are my main focus along with my blog:

Zoned 4 Success

(Still Under Construction)


What’s Your Big Idea & What Can I Do To Help You?

This is what I’ve been devoting my time to these days… I’m certain these programs are not only meeting my needs for promoting good health, but are also providing great marketing practices for others… Being a senior of 79 years I’m not in this for the fast, shiny cars (I have given up driving) or big fancy houses… My modest apartment suits my needs & makes me feel quite comfortable… I have learned the more expensive items people are drawn to require more maintenance & are even more costly to repair… For me it’s just not worth it since material things are not built to last forever anyway…  I can appreciate the beauty of something & carry it in my memory without having the responsibility that goes along with owning it…

These days I’m truly Grateful because I enjoy what I’m doing & the people I’m meeting because of my efforts… I am truly blessed because I get to enjoy two of my greatest passions, listening to mellow smooth jazz while I’m writing about things that have been slowly revealed to me over the years, but have become such an important influence on my life… I hope this is revealed in the things I write… I am one of the happiest people you will ever meet… The only thing that could possibly create more happiness in my life is if all of you who read my work appreciate it even half as much as I appreciate all of you who see it as being worthwhile… Thank you for any comments you’ve left…  I continue to practice “Extraordiary Happyness” on a daily basis…

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