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About Me…

My name is Linda Michel White…

I am the CEO of
(Chief Enthusiasm Officer)
“Seniorisms by LMW”

I am a Happy Networker, Senior Blogger & Mentor In Training!  I am 79 years old & I absolutely love what I do!

When I was 50 I became a self taught award winning clown… That was when I started studying Napoleon Hill & others like him…  It was then I realized how much the difference in my attitude was affecting my life for the better… I then became hooked on Personal Development which has become my pursuit of 28 years… That’s made me a believer in “Divine Guidance!” My Faith has grown stronger than ever & is my most prized possession… I became a published writer in 1996…   “Gratitude” is my favorite topic… Last year I started writing Press Releases on the IBO Social Platform… I call them,
“Seniorisms by LMW”

 I enjoy writing, meeting new people & exchanging ideas… My promotions help people in their pursuit of health & wellness using natural products & solutions…  Because I live in Florida, I have a Facebook Page, “My Sunshine State of Mind”…  I love my life today because my thirst for learning new ideas is being satisfied by this self education…  For me my life’s become a new adventure… 

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