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The Gift – 1440 in 24…

July 31st, 2014

This morning I’m reminded of the gift that I am given, 1440 minutes in 24 hours…  As I prepare myself to write this I wish to put my gratitude on display…  I’m also reminded that yesterday is history, tomorrow’s a mystery & today is a gift, that’s why we call it the present…  I have an important assignment that I’ve given myself today, so if it’s going to be it’s up to me…  I must keep the focus where it needs to be today so that I may reap the benefits tomorrow… 

I was reminded recently that I don’t have enough music in my life & after that was pointed out to me I realized that was true…  Today, with all of the trouble in our world I will pray for peace…  I would like to share this video by one of my favourite groups, “Playing For Change”…  I hope that you will enjoy… 

They have taken some of the best musicians that the world has to offer, recorded them separately & then put it all together so that when you’re listening they sound like they’re being recorded together, live & in person…  I absolutely love the concept & the talent that we would never have seen had it not been for the vision of one man to do this, Mark Johnson…  This to me is amazing the way that he put this together for the benefit of us all…

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Linda Michel White

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May 14th, 2010

Lesson #1: Learn to Laugh at Yourself…

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I’d like to share a story about how important it is to let go of old ideas, especially when learning successful internet marketing.

Bear Hugs Kettle

by Emmett Fox

I once read an anecdote of the Far West that carries a wonderful metaphysical lesson.  It appears that a party of hunters, being called away from their camp by a sudden alarm, left the camp fire unattended, with a kettle of water boiling on it.

Presently an old bear crept out of the woods, attracted by the fire, and, seeing the kettle with it’s lid dancing about on top, promptly seized it.  Naturally it burnt and scalded him badly; but instead of dropping it instantly, he proceeded to hug it tightly – this being Mr. Bruin’s only idea of defense.  Of course, the tighter he hugged it the more it burnt him, and of course the more it burnt him, the tighter he hugged it, and so on in a vicious circle, to the undoing of the bear.

This illustrates perfectly the way in which many people amplify their difficulties.  They hug them to their bosoms by constantly rehearsing them to themselves and others, and by continually dwelling upon them in every possible manner, instead of dropping them once and for all so the wound would have a chance to heal.

Whenever you catch yourself thinking about your grievances, say to yourself sternly: “Bear hugs kettle,” and think about God instead.  You will be surprised how quickly some long standing wounds will disappear under this treatment.

It’s been my experience when it comes to internet marketing to let go of longstanding beliefs because most of them are other people’s misconceptions about the subject.

Case in point:

I Think It’s A Pyramid Scheme!


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Now don’t you hesitate because you know

what they say about that.  Open that door,

and pay close attention, because I’m going

to ask questions later.


Learn how to have fun with it.  It can be very

rewarding, and enjoyable if you just relax

and let your imagination flow.


Let’s make it an awesome year…

From our little corner of the world to yours…

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